UIUC System Reading Group
Spring 2020

Wednesday 3-4pm at Siebel Center 3403 (direction)

UIUC SysNet seminar is a weekly meetup for anyone interested in systems and networking research at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

We discuss recent significant work (e.g., published at top-tier conferences), critique each other's projects, and identify new research directions/ideas.

Join us on Slack: uiuc-sysnet.slack.com

Please register CS 591 (IG) if you need 1 credit.

Date Topic Speaker
Jan 22 Introduction and organization [ slides ] Faria Kalim
Tianyin Xu
Indy Gupta
Jan 29 Stream Processing Systems
Read: The Aurora and Borealis Stream Processing Engines (pdf)
Faria Kalim
Feb 5 TBD Saurabh Jha
Feb 12 Why you should not worship SOSP/OSDI papers?
Papers I don't appreciate and let me tell you why.
Tianyin Xu
Feb 19 Toward Communication-Efficient and Secure Distributed Machine Learning (Prelim Practice Talk) Cong Xie
Feb 26 TBD Andrew Yoo
Mar 4 TBD Le Xu
Mar 11 Finding bugs in distributed systems
Read: TBD
Xudong Sun
Mar 18 Spring Break
Mar 25
Apr 1 Configuration Management in Distributed Systems
Paper: TBD
Yuanliang Zhang
Apr 8 Performance engineering for microservices
Read: Seer: Leveraging Big Data to Navigate the Complexity of Performance Debugging in Cloud Microservices (pdf)
Haoran Qiu
Apr 15
Apr 22
Apr 29