UIUC Systems Reading Group
Fall 2021

Tue 4-5pm, Siebel 2405

UIUC Systems Reading Group is a weekly meetup for anyone interested in systems research at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

We discuss recent significant work (e.g., published at top-tier conferences), critique each other's projects, and identify new research directions/ideas.

Join us on Slack: uiuc-sysnet.slack.com

Please register CS 591 (DS) if you need one credit.

Date Topic Speaker
8/24 Introduction and organization Tianyin Xu
Xudong Sun
8/31 Automated, Distributed Systems Testing for Kubernetes Controllers
KubeCon, 2021
Xudong Sun
9/8 CS Colloquium Series, 3:30pm, Siebel 2405 or Zoom (see the link)
What we miss if we don’t talk to people: Understanding users’ diverse and nuanced privacy needs
Camille Cobb
9/14 Writer's workshop Jinghao Jia
9/21 RESTler: Stateful REST API Fuzzing
ICSE, 2019
Yinfang Chen
9/29 CS Colloquium Series, 3:30pm, Siebel 2405 or Zoom (see the link)
Perceiving The World with Pervasive Wireless Infrastructures
Elahe Soltanaghai
10/5 A very cool virtual memory design Jovan Stojkovic
10/11 CS Colloquium Series, 3:30pm, Zoom (see the link)
Building Scalable and Flexible Cluster Managers using Declarative Programming
Lalith Suresh
(VMware Research)
10/12 Transactuations: Where Transactions Meet the Physical World
ATC, 2019
Anna Karanika
10/19 Practice Talk
Scaling Hyperledger Fabric Using Pipelined Execution and Sparse Peers
SOCC, 2021
Parth Thakkar
10/26 SOSP Everyone
11/2 Cancelled by the speaker
11/9 Cores that don't count
HotOS, 2021
Rui Yang
11/16 Testing Database Engines via Pivoted Query Synthesis
OSDI, 2020
Lilia Tang
11/17 Just Infrastructures Speaker Series, 12:00pm (see the link)
Wearable Cognitive Assistance: Vision, Reality and Challenges
Mahadev Satyanarayanan (CMU)
11/23 Fall Break Food and Sleep
11/30 Ship Compute or Ship Data? Why Not Both?
NSDI, 2021
Maleeha Masood
12/7 OSDI submission week