UIUC Systems Reading Group
Spring 2023

Friday 4-5pm, Siebel 1214 (direction)

UIUC Systems Reading Group is a weekly meetup for anyone interested in systems research at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

We discuss recent significant work (e.g., published at top-tier conferences), critique each other's projects, and identify new research directions/ideas.

Join us on Slack: uiuc-sysnet.slack.com

Please register CS 591 (SN) if you need one credit.

Date Topic Speaker
1/20 Introduction and organization Ramnatthan Alagappan
Aishwarya Ganesan
Indranil Gupta
Tianyin Xu
1/27 Practice Job Talk
Software Security Challenges in the Era of Modern Hardware
Riccardo Paccagnella
2/3 Everyone is too busy with HotOS.
2/10 Understanding, Detecting and Localizing Partial Failures in Large System Software
NSDI, 2020
Henry Zhu
2/17 Boki: Stateful Serverless Computing with Shared Logs
SOSP, 2021
Chirag Shetty
2/24 Qual Practice Talk Siyuan Chai
2/27 Special Seminar: 9:00--10:00am, CSL B02
Rescuing Data Center Processors
Tanvir Ahmed Khan
(University of Michigan)
3/3 Practice Talk
NNSmith: Generating Diverse and Valid Test Cases for Deep Learning Compilers
ASPLOS, 2023
Jiawei Liu
3/10 (No Speaker)
3/17 Spring Break
3/24 This seminar will be at 5-6pm on Zoom (the link will be announced on the SysNet mailing list and Slack).
A Fail-Slow Detection Framework for Cloud Storage Systems, and Open Problems at Alibaba Cloud Storage Systems
Erci Xu
Ruiming Lu
3/27 Special Seminar: 10:00--11:00am, on Zoom
A Holistic View on Machine Learning for Systems
Yi Ding
4/3 Special Seminar: 10:00--11:00am, on Zoom
Programming Distributed Systems
Mae Milano
(UC Berkeley)
4/6 Special Seminar: 10:00--11:00am, on Zoom
The Design of a General-Purpose Distributed Execution System
Stephanie Wang
(UC Berkeley)
4/7 Practice Talk
Push-Button Reliability Testing for Cloud-Backed Applications with Rainmaker
NSDI, 2023
Xudong Sun
4/21 How to Fight Production Incidents? An Empirical Study on a Large-scale Cloud Service
SOCC, 2022
Tyler Gu
4/28 Practice Talk
Fail through the Cracks: Cross-System Interaction Failures in Modern Cloud Systems
EuroSys, 2023
Lilia Tang
Chaitanya Bhandari