UIUC Systems and Networking Seminar
Spring 2019

Wednesday 3–4pm at Siebel 3403 (direction)

UIUC SysNet seminar is a weekly meetup for anyone interested in systems and networking research at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

We discuss recent significant work (e.g., published at top-tier conferences), critique each other's projects, and identify new research directions/ideas.

Join us on Slack: uiuc-sysnet.slack.com

Please register CS 591 (SN) if you need 1 credit.

Date Topic Speaker
Jan 16 Introduction and organization Tianyin Xu
Klara Nahrstedt
Jan 23 Network Coding for Critical Infrastructure Networks
Please read: paper
Rakesh Kumar
Jan 30 Processor Hardware in the Age of Ubiquitous Security Attacks
Please read: InvisiSpec (paper)
This seminar is moved to Thu (Jan 31) at the same room (due to the campus close)!
Mengjia Yan
Feb 6 Special Seminar: 1:30-2:30pm at Siebel 2124
Automated Resource Management in Large-Scale Networked Systems
Sangeetha Abdu Jyothi
Feb 6 CAUDIT: Continuous Auditing of SSH-Servers To Mitigate Brute-Force Attacks
NSDI 2019 (paper)
Phuong Cao
Feb 13 (Tianyin is out of town)
Feb 20 Timed Communication in Distributed ML Systems
Please read: TicTac (paper)
Sayed Hadi Hashemi
Feb 27 An Exploration of "Edge Computing"
Please read: paper
Faria Kalim
Mar 6 A Container-based DoS Attack-Resilient Control Framework for Real-Time UAV Systems (30min)
Please read: ContainerDrone (paper)
Scalable Analytics on Serverless Infrastructure (30min)
(Optional) read: Locus (paper)
Jiyang Chen

Rui Yang
Mar 13 Masking Wi-Fi Discovery and Communication
Please read: paper
Federico Cifuentes-Urtubey
Mar 19 CS Speakers Series: 10:00--11:00am at Siebel 4405 (link)
Farewell to Servers: Hardware, Software, and Network Approaches towards Datacenter Resource Disaggregation
Yiying Zhang
(Purdue University)
Mar 20 Spring break
Mar 27 Security in Cyber-Physical Systems
Please read: paper
Ashish Kashinath
Apr 3 Reconfiguration techniques in real time data processing systems (30min)
Please read: paper
Beyond Data and Model Parallelism for Deep Neural Networks (30min)
Please read: paper
Le Xu

Beomyeol Jeon
Apr 10 Network Verification: The Past, The Present, and The Future Ali Kheradmand
Apr 17 Securing Logs on Commodity Operating Systems
Please read: paper
Pubali Datta
Riccardo Paccagnella
Apr 26 Everyone is busy with the SOSP deadline.