UIUC Systems Reading Group
Fall 2022

Friday 4-5pm, Siebel 1131 (direction)

UIUC Systems Reading Group is a weekly meetup for anyone interested in systems research at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

We discuss recent significant work (e.g., published at top-tier conferences), critique each other's projects, and identify new research directions/ideas.

Join us on Slack: uiuc-sysnet.slack.com

Please register CS 591 (SN) if you need one credit.

Date Topic Speaker
8/26 Introduction and organization Ramnatthan Alagappan
Aishwarya Ganesan
Indranil Gupta
Tianyin Xu
9/2 OSDI/ATC 2022 Debrief
* RESIN: A Holistic Service for Dealing with Memory Leaks in Production Cloud Infrastructure
* Debugging the OmniTable Way
* Automatic Reliability Testing for Cluster Management Controllers
* DuoAI: Fast, Automated Inference of Inductive Invariants for Verifying Distributed Protocols
Tyler Gu
Xudong Sun
9/9 Practice talk:
Revisiting eBPF Seccomp Filters (pdf)
Jinghao Jia
9/15 Special Seminar: 3:30--4:30pm (link).
The Tip of the Iceberg: How to make ML for Systems work
The zoom link is announced in the SysNet mailing list.
Deniz Altınbüken (Google)
9/16 OSDI/ATC 2022 Debrief (2)
* Carbink: Fault-Tolerant Far Memory
* XRP: In-Kernel Storage Functions with eBPF
* Demystifying and Checking Silent Semantic Violations in Large Distributed Systems
Wenqing Luo
Maleeha Masood
Lilia Tang
9/23 VLDB 2022 Debrief
* Netherite: Efficient Execution of Serverless Workflows
* DBOS: A DBMS-oriented Operating System
* Sancus: Staleness-Aware Communication-Avoiding Full-Graph Decentralized Training in Large-Scale Graph Neural Networks
Supawit Chockchowwat
9/29 Special Seminar: 2:00--3:15pm, 2100 Sidney Lu Mech Engr Bldg.
Learning the Kernel by Debugging
It’s not just printf() & printk()
YiFei Zhu (Google)
9/30 S&P Debrief Yinfang Chen
10/7 * Scale and Performance in a Filesystem Semi-Microkernel
* Can Applications Recover from fsync Failures?
Jing Liu
Anthony Rebello
(University of Wisconsin-Madison)
10/21 MobiSys 2022 Debrief Diego Calderon
Deniz Kara
Sethu Raman
11/4 Sunitha Beeram
Renu Tewari
11/25 Fall Break Sleep/Food/Drink